Vata Tea - calming, grounding and nourishing

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Certified organic Ayurveda tea for "Vata" types and anyone needing support through stressful times. 

Ayurveda is one of the oldest health traditions in the world. It describes humans according to three doshas, which are different types of physical constitutions. The three doshas are called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and describe our different appearance, temperament and physical traits. Choosing the diet and lifetstyle most suited to our doshas helps us enjoy the best of health.

Vata types tend to be spontaneous and love variety. They can be very creative and enthusiastic but can become stressed by over-exerting themselves.

Our Vata blend is composed of warming and aromatic herbs including cinnamon, licorice and ginger, beneficial for balancing vata and soothing overworked bodies and minds.

The tea can be enjoyed all day or as an evening drink to relax after a busy day. It is caffeine free and is a great everyday tea all year round - particularly during vata seasons of autumn and winter.  

Ingredients: Licorice root*, Cinnamon bark*, Ginger root*, Aniseed*, Coriander fruit*,  Vervain leaf*, Blue corn flower blossom*

*Certified organic