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Amnanda Practitioner Training

Amnanda is a beautiful treatment to give as well as receive and is a wonderful gift to share with others. Practitioner training takes place over the course of a year with participants both giving and receiving Amnanda within a small group of trainees. Training is held one day a month providing the opportunity for the group to exchange experiences and discover the scope of the therapy as they go through the process together. Giving and receiving treatments within the group creates an intensive energy, in which each treatment also becomes an initiation, enabling the participants to give Amnanda treatments to others after the third month.

Previous experience in massage therapy is not essential. Working with Amnanda we act as channels for Baba Ramdas and the energy of unconditional love so developing the ability to be present and mindful is more important than technique. The oil treatments are simple but deeply relaxing, creating a sense of peace within the person quite different to most other forms ofbodywork.


Training is held one day a month for 12 months and costs £60 - £80 per day depending on location. Herbs and tinctures are additional and are £10-15 per month.


Andy holds training courses at our centre in Lincolnshire and also travels UK wide.

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