Slim Tea - lose weight naturally

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Tasty Ayurvedic herbal and green tea which improves metabolism and digestion to promote weight loss alongside a healthy dietary regimen.

Our Ayurveda “Slim“ tea is certified organic and consists of ingredients that help you to reduce your weight. By activating your metabolic processes as well as your digestion, it naturally supports your dietary programme. Slim tea blends rooibos and several types of green tea including Mate, Sencha, and Chinese Pai Mu Tan, which are known for gently stimulating your metabolism. The addition of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, pepper, blackberry and dandelion leaves, and clove enhances this effect.

All of the ingredients of this herbal blend also have a positive effect on our gastrointestinal system. Common wormwood and centaury alleviate indigestion and stomach problems, while lemongrass and chamomile reduce gas. Last but not least, elderberries, orange zest, and apple pieces add extra Vitamin C and give this blend its fruity flavour.

Ingredients: Coriander*, Mint*, Nettle leaf*, Orange peel*, Lemongrass*, Apple pieces*, Cinnamon bark*, Ginger root*,  Clove*, Cardamon*, Natural aroma*, Citrus oil*

* Certified organic