Darjeeling First flush - the golden leaves from the Himalayas

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Premium Darjeeling First Flush Green Tea. Certified organic. 

Darjeeling First Flush: The golden leaves from the Himalayas

The area around the Indian city Darjeeling is famous for the cultivation of delicious high-quality tea. The green teas from this region are especially popular and one of the most consumed teas worldwide. Particularly appraised by tea experts is the exclusive Darjeeling First Flush. First Flush denotes the manually picked tenuous light green leaves from the first season of the year, harvested from end of February to end of April, and which are superior in their quality to other types of green tea.

The golden infusion of this tea tastes aromatic and flowery. It is cultivated in the hills of the Himalayas at altitudes of up to 2000 metres and consequently contains a higher proportion of nutrients than comparable green teas. The reason for this is that the tea plants grow significantly slower and are exposed to intensive sunlight. Thus, the plants have time to develop and store a substantial amount of concentrated nutrients, especially catechins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In addition, being sun-drenched gives this tea its characteristic flowery taste.

Ideally consumed in the morning, the caffeine contained in this tea (which is completely different to the caffeine contained in coffee) ensures a pleasant long-lasting refreshment of all of your senses.