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Brahmi formula - clarity, concentration and memory


Brahmi formula contains herbs which nourish and strengthen the mind, sharpening mental acuity and improving concentration. It helps increase clarity and is excellent for clearing the woolly-head sensation associated with muddled thought and forgetfulness. Used to enhance memory, intelligence and learning capability it is useful for anyone with a mentally demanding lifestyle. Brahmi formula is also beneficial for any meditation practice to promote concentration and clarity of perception.


Each 500mg herbal tablet contains: Brahmi leaf (Baacopa moniera), Shankapushpi leaf (Convolvulus pluricaulis), Jatamansi root (Valerinia wallichi), Coriander fruit (Coriandrum sattivum)

We do not use any fillers or apply any coatings to our herbal tablets
and we use minimal quantities (less than 20mg) of acacia gum and maize as natural binding ingredients to help form the herbal tablets.

Free from gluten, soy and dairy. 100% vegetarian. Suitable for vegans.


Suggested Use:
Two tablets taken twice a day after meals with warm water.

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