February 01, 2024 3 min read

The season of winter in Ayurveda, or Sishiram, runs from mid-January to mid-March. This mid point can definitely feel like the longest stretch and can be full of contradictions – heavy clouds and bitterly cold winds one day, mild and wet another and then a day of bright blue sky and sun that draws all of us out of our houses to enjoy.

Winter is a time when kapha dosha accumulates – the cold, increased wet and sense of heaviness characterises Kapha and we feel drawn inward to hibernate and rest. We can enjoy this as a time to be cosy but we may also feel isolated or depressed and our mood can be affected by lower light levels. So we also need to insulate vata dosha, especially through the changeable and long last weeks of winter.

 Ayurveda can support us through this season, choosing foods and activities that keep kapha in check whilst also nourishing vata.


How to support digestion in winter?

Winter is probably the season we are most naturally drawn to the food that is appropriate for the season. Digestive fire or agni is strong during winter as energy is drawn to the core of our body, so we can enjoy warm, hearty food which is both comforting and nourishing.

  • Focus on heavier foods such as root veg, cooked grains, legumes and nuts. Eggs and small amounts of lighter meats such as chicken are more easily digested at this time. Kichari, risotto and steamed veg are great choices for breakfast or lunch.
  • Cook meals with a little oil and add warming spices such as garlic, ginger, cardamom, black pepper or a pinch of chilli to support digestion.
  • Avoid snacking between meals so you’re hungry for the main event. If you’re peckish try sipping a hot water, often if you’re not truly hungry this will satisfy that craving (your face will start glowing too as a nice side effect with the extra hydration to your skin)
  • Enjoy teas that are warming and a little spicy to balance Vata. Winter is a great time for green tea too as it is rich in antioxidants whilst also being uplifting and energising. Try Vata Tea  and our range of Green Teas 


Get outside

Create the habit of taking a short walk every day to clear the mind and boost circulation. Walking in forests is especially beneficial if you have access, as the interaction between ourselves and the trees reduces stress, boosts immunity and promotes healing. Walking in a town or city though is also beneficial, giving us opportunities to interact with people and our curiosity and interest be sparked by new experiences.  


Get your sleep

Try to keep a regular bedtime and enjoy at least 8 hours sleep. However healthy we eat and live we need sleep to repair and rejuvenate. Rest now and you will have plenty of energy when Spring does finally arrive. If you struggle to sleep well, try a dairy free drink before bed with cinnamon and cardamom. You can also try our Sleep Sound formula and  Good Nighttea.


Make massage part of your self-care

This is a great time to add massage to your routine, not only would it help your joints and support your lymphatic system but who wouldn’t benefit from a little TLC some of these grey days. Take 10 minutes every day to massage Vata oil or Kapha Oil  over your body before or after a shower as you prefer. When we feel relaxed and supple in our body it can help us feel better and stronger mentally too.


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