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Moringa Capsules


Moringa oleifera is also called the 'tree of life' for its wide ranging health benefits. The tree is native to the foothills of the Himalayas in India and has a long tradition of use in Ayurvedic medicine. It is traditionally used as a food, medicine and even for the purification of drinking water. Together with experts in the fields of natural medicine and phyto-chemistry we looked for the best way to make moringa into a daily supplement while preserving it's potency and effects. Try our Moringa Capsules, made with freshly dried and powdered leaves. The leaves, especially, are richer in vital nutrients than any other known plant.

As well as numerous nutrients the moringa tree leaves contain:

Moringa also contains a high ratio of antioxidants, which protect our cells from oxidative stress – a very important factor when it comes to aging processes in our cells! But what is most striking about the leaves is the amount of zeatin they contain. Zeatin is a plant-growth hormone that has only recently been discovered. Astonishingly, the leaves of the moringa tree contain 1000 times the zeatin in other plants! For the moringa tree, zeatin is responsible for the tree’s rapid growth – 30 cm a month! In the human body, however, zeatin has a very different role. It is a messenger substance that ensures that all the precious nutrients contained in the leaves can be metabolised and utilised by our system.

Moringa is also very rich in a number of vital substances and nutrients that can really enhance your daily diet. Essential amino acids protect our cells from free radicals. Vitamin A is very important for our eyesight. Vitamin C strengthens our immune system. Calcium is indispensable for healthy teeth and bones. Magnesium encourages blood flow. Potassium helps our metabolism. Iron is very important for the oxygen supply of our cells. Zinc is anti-inflammatory. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the capacity of our brain. Zeatin is a messenger that brings all the other substances to the part in our organism where they are supposed to operate.

What makes amaiva’s Moringa Capsules so special?


Nowadays there are many Moringa products available and it is sometimes difficult to choose between them. However, manufacturers often don’t know where exactly the powder of the leaves comes from; which plants have been processed and what nutrients are still actually potent in the powder. In our search for suitable powder for our Moringa Capsules we often realised that the plants used were not appropriate at all. These days, moringa is often industrially cultivated and treated with pesticides, herbicides and vermicides and no longer contains the broad spectrum of nutrients. Also, the leaves are often processed cheaply using mass production techniques that create a lot of heat which destroy many of the very phyto-nutrients that we require. The result is powder that can still be called moringa, but no longer actually contains any of the health benefits of the tree of life. All this is the result of a big price war that we tried to avoid from the beginning.

We use carefully sourced organic Moringa leaves that are gently processed on-site using methods that result in temperatures of less than 40°C. Afterwards the powder is transported directly to Germany where it is filled into capsules. These are then filled into amber glasses to make sure that all secondary plant substances, antioxidants and nutrients are preserved. This makes the difference we are proud of!

Moringa Capsules for your daily health care

Every one of us has a certain need for vitamins, vital substances and nutrients – especially when your job is stressful, you are very active, or in our later years – but it is often difficult to meet these needs on a daily basis with busy lifestyles. That’s why our handy Moringa Capsules are the perfect solution for your health needs. They are suitable for daily use over a long period and provide your body with many of the vital nutrients it needs.

Contains: 60 capsules

Administration: Take one capsule twice a day with water

Ingredients: Moringa leaf*, Moringa leaves extract, HPMC (capsule covering), L-Ascorbic acid; Releasing agent: silicic acid, riboflavin.

*Certified organic

Suitable for vegans (100% vegan)

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