Colostrum + Vit C & D

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Nature’s original superfood - colostrum is the pre-milk liquid that is produced by mothers in the first 48 hours after giving birth. It is rich with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, immune enhancing antibodies and essential growth factors to support health and vitality.  

Our bovine colostrum is sourced from grass fed cows on an organic farm in Germany.  It is ethically produced with only the excess supply being collected. Added Vitamin C supports immune function and tops up energy supplies. Supplementation of Vitamin D is recommended for supporting the immune system. 

✔︎ with added vitamin C and D

✔︎ supports the resilient function of immune system 

✔︎ supports active fitness training

✔︎ supports a healthy gut

Contains: 60 caps

Ingredients: Colostrum 400mg (immunoglublin 80mg) Vitamin C 30mg, Vitamin D

Suggested Uses:

Take 1 cap per day with water.


Combine with Organic Triphala for supporting a healthy gut