Organic Brahmi Oil - Clarity and Tranquility

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Brahmi is revered in Ayurveda for promoting clarity and calm. Our Organic Brahmi Oil is made in the traditional method using a full 250g of organic Brahmi leaf in a decoction infused with organic sesame oil. Nourishing and cooling it can be massaged into the skin or applied to the scalp. It is a perfect addition for enhancing meditation, improved sleep and a feeling of emotional balance. Brahmi is also used in hair oils for dry or itchy scalp and for lustrous thick hair. 

We make our oils in the traditional Ayurvedic way which means that a full 250g of organic Brahmi leaf is used to make each litre of oil.


Contains: Sesame oil*, Brahmi leaf (Baccopa monnieri)*




For improved mental clarity and focus combine with Brahmi Formula or Organic Brahmi and Ashwagandha 


At Essential Ayurveda we believe in ethical sourcing. Where possible we source from local farmers and from organic farming.