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Ashwagandha Oil - calming and tonifying

48 reviews

A tonifying and warming organic oil that nourishes the muscles and joints.  It has a soothing and restorative effect and is therefore very beneficial for anyone effected by stress or following an active lifestyle.

Regarded as a rasayana or rejuvenative it promotes stamina and builds muscle tissue and is a potent anti-inflammatory. Applied locally to joints and muscles Ashwagandha oil is great support and preventative measure for your training programme. 

Ashwagandha is known for its calming effect and is an excellent body oil for promoting better sleep and relieving muscle tension. It also h elps restore the skin's natural suppleness and elasticity, supports circulation and is excellent for dry skin and reducing wrinkles. 

We make our oils in the traditional Ayurvedic way which means that a full 250g of Ashwagandha root is used to make each litre of oil.


Organic Sesame oil (Sesame indicum), Ashwagandha root* (Withania somnifera)


Suggested Use: 

Self-massage at least once a week for 15 minutes. Apply slightly warmed oil to the whole body paying particular attention to head, lower back, abdomen and feet. Rest for at least half an hour before taking a shower or bath. 



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    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Ashwaganda oil

    I bought the oil for my mother as she has neuralgia and I read that this particular oil was beneficial for this. She has been using the product for a week but has yet to experience any pain relief.

    Khaleemah K.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Relief in a bottle!

    I have been using this oil for nerve pain on my right side of the body shoulder knee back. I do a light to medium pressure Massage for a few minutes. It does give moderate relief for a good few hours. No painkillers or side effects happy days.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Excellent, warming and tonifiying

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Good products

    I’ve been using it for only a few days but there has been a small amount of relief of the pain in my neck and right shoulder which are damaged. . If I can get someone to really massage the oil in as directed I’m sure there will be a better result. At the moment I am trying to do this myself and I cannot reach the really painful areas. There has been a better result on my wrists and thumbs which are damaged also with arthritis ...I spend a good five minutes really massaging the oil right in Even after a few days the pain is definitely lessening in those areas. But you have to do it every day or the results seem to cancel out if you miss a day! Maybe I can let you know better once I can get a proper massage on my neck and whole shoulder and middle back area from someone else as I can’t put the right amount of pressure on the painful areas as I just cannot reach!!! But I know this is good stuff so I will persevere with it. One small point, it would be wonderful if some sort of “perfume” could be added or even something like eucalyptus etc as the odour of the oil isn’t exactly edifying to the senses.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Excellent service

    Easy order and fast delivery

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