Joy of Living Tea - lift your spirits naturally

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The tasty mood enhancer - based on a traditional Ayurveda recipe.

Brighten your day with this tasty mood-enhancer.

When you’re feeling a little down, or if you find your mood matching a grey and gloomy day, our ‘Joy of Living’ tea will give you a natural lift.

Based on a traditional Ayurvedic recipe, this blend of amber, yarrow, valerian root and chamomile works naturally to enhance your mood and relieve stress. A balanced mix of cinnamon, fennel, green mint, ginger, licorice root, hibiscus, clove, red pepper and cardamom combines to produce a tasty, fruity flavour. To top if off we add orange zest, for extra vitamin C and antioxidants.

Help yourself to that ‘glass half full’ feeling, every day. Try ‘Joy of Living’, made with certified organic herbs and lots of love.

Ingredients: cinnamon, fennel, green mint, ginger, liquorice root, hibiscus, clove, red pepper, cardamom, orange zest, chamomile flowers, valerian root, amber, yarrow.