Alkaline Cleanse Kit - 30-day Alkalising Detox

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✔︎   30-day home detox kit
✔︎   Naturally reduce acidity without feeling hungry
✔︎   Developed by nutritional experts
✔︎   Includes 24-page guidance e-book with tasty recipes

    ✓ Organic Alkaline Balance tea (90g) ✓ Florabact Capsules (Colon Cleanse and Repair) ✓ Quick Basic Alkaline Powder (90g) ✓ Alkaline Bath Salts (500g)


    Naturally detox your body and feel renewed

    Are you looking for an alkaline cleanse? Our alkaline detox kit is a great introduction into the world of alkaline nutrition and wellness and it is an effective way to gently realease acidic toxins from the body over a 30-day period.

    By working with the dietary advice in the accompanying guidance booklet you can reduce acid-forming foods from your diet - so your body can clear accumulated acids and at the same time increase the body's own acid buffers. This gives your digestive system and whole body systems a chance to rest and recuperate.

    What are the benefits?

    During the 30-day program you can look forward to:

    ✔︎ Healthy weight loss

    Many people use this detox to lose weight naturally. Alkaline rich nutrition stimulates metabolism helping the extra pounds fall off.

    ✔︎ Radiant skin

    One of the clearest signs of hyperacidity is blemished skin. Alkaline nutrition combined with alkaline baths help your skin glow again.

    ✔︎ Increased energy

    A disturbed acid-alkali balance can often manifest as fatigue and lethargy. After 30 days you will notice an increase in energy and performance.

    ✔︎ Improved digestion 

    According to Ayurveda our health starts in the gut. If our digestion is impaired then many other functions such as immunity are disturbed. Because our intestines also suffer when acidity is high, our alkaline kit contains capsules to restore intestinal  health. 

    How do I go about it?

    This treatment is designed to be convenient and stress-free. It isn’t a diet or a fast where you cut out food for days at a time.  On the contrary, you’ll be eating tasty, nutritious food that is specifically alkaline in quality, every day. At the same time you’ll be using four other components of the treatment:

    1. Flush out acids with organic alkaline-balance tea

    ✔︎ Great tasting

    ✔︎ Effective herbal blend

    ✔︎  Certified organic

    ✔︎ Helps flush out acids

    ✔︎ Vitalising mate and green tea

    ✔︎ High in antioxidants and polyphenols

    Ingredients: Mate Green, Chun Mee Green Tea, Green Darjeeling, Pai Mu Tan White Tea, China Oolong, Ginger root, Green Rooibos, Tulsi leaf, Nettle leaf, Dandelion leaf, Natural Flavour : Acerola berry, Blackberry Leaf, Rose petal.
    Preparation: Pour 1 teaspoon per cup of 70 to 80 ° C hot water and leave for 3 to 5 minutes.
    Presentation: Loose tea in aroma protective box with freshness seal.
    Cultivation: From organic cultivation.


    2. Detox through the skin with alkaline baths


    Our skin can also suffer from an overly-acidic diet, manifesting in conditions such as spots, pimples, or dryness. Our alkaline bath salts will soothe your skin, helping to restore its smoothness and softness. 

    ✔︎ Creates highly alkaline water 
    ✔︎ Free from chemical additives 
    ✔︎ Ideal for alkaline baths, foot-baths and alkaline wraps
    Contains: 500 grams
    Ingredients: High quality Himalayan crystal salt, naturally sourced sodium carbonate and hydrogen bicarbonate.

    3. Build up acid buffers with alkaline mineral powder

      An overly-acidic diet can, over time, leave you lacking in vital minerals and trace elements. Quick Basic helps you to quickly counteract excess acidity, re-balancing your acid-alkaline level. The plant based minerals minerals in Quick Basic provides you with a highly effective way to restore the mineral balance in your body.

      ✔︎ Natural alkaline powder

      ✔︎ With valuable citrates, carbonates and phytonutrients

      ✔︎ Iodine free: suitable for Hashimoto patients

      Contains: 90 grams powder
      Ingredients: Calcium citrate (28.1%), magnesium citrate (24.6%), potassium citrate (17.6%), orange powder, acerola fruit powder, apricot powder, blackcurrant powder, prickly pear powder, hawthorn berry powder, sodium citrate (1.9%), zinc gluconate, lemon powder , Iron citrate, flavoring: blackcurrant, copper citrate, chromium-III-chloride, sodium selenite, sodium molybdate
      Directions: Once a day, stir a level teaspoon into approx. 200ml of water or juice.


      4. Intestinal repair with Florabact capsules

      These capsules contain a completely natural mixture of bacterial strains, vitamins and minerals. They’re designed to build up and support intestinal flora (the good bacteria), in order to balance and strengthen your digestion.

      ✔︎ Natural pre- and pro-biotic intestinal treatment

      ✔︎ Supports digestion and nutrient absorption

      ✔︎ Free from artificial additives

      Contains: 60 capsules
      Ingredients: HPMC (enteric-coated capsule shell), psyllium husk powder, whole oatmeal flour, maltodextrin, ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C), lemon fibre, kidney bean powder, separating agent: magnesium stearate, release agent: silicon dioxide, bacteria 8 mix (7.4%) consisting of: Lactobacillus acidophilus , Bifidobacterium lactis, Enterococcus faecium, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus salvarius, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus

      Take 1 capsule twice a day with plenty of fluid

       All of the elements above combine to bring you a powerful, effective and totally natural way to detoxify your body. You’ll feel better inside, and look better outside, all in 30 days.


      Included the Alkaline Cleanse 30-day kit:

      • Organic alkaline tea (90g) made from certified organically grown herbs
      • Florabact capsules (to restore the balance of ‘good bacteria’ in the gut)
      • Quick Basic - Alkalising powder
      • Primordial Sea Alkaline Bath Salts (600g)  
      • A free guidance e-booklet with recipes and tips to ensure your treatment is smooth and effective




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