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Alkaline Ayurveda Bath Salt "Kapha"

Alkaline Ayurveda Bath Salts for "Kapha" with organic herbs. Based on a traditional Ayurveda recipe.

Ayurveda divides our physical and mental make-up into three distinct types, or doshas, known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Although we’re all unique as human beings, each one of us has characteristics that allow us to be described using the dosha system.

Kapha types are usually big and strong, but can also be small and stocky. They’re deliberate and methodical in all they do, and have a natural contentment about them. But their slow and steady temperament can produce a rigid attitude, which restricts their flexibility and spontaneity. If they’re constantly called upon to make quick decisions or do things at an uncomfortably fast pace, it can unbalance them.

In the Ayurvedic tradition there are certain special herbs that can help restore that balance. In consultation with Ayurvedic experts, we have taken a selection of those herbs and developed a potent and effective bath-salts treatment for kapha types. Designed to bring you a renewed sense of stability and balance, for both body and mind. 

Ingredients: High-quality crystal salt, Sodium carbonate and hydrogen carbonate from natural resources, Black berry leaves, Melissa leaves, Coriander, Green fennel, Bluebottle flowers, Chilly, Cardamom.

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