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Welcome to Essential Ayurveda Retreats. Come and enjoy a personalised retreat and experience deep relaxation and health rejuvenation. Our unique programme of Ayurvedic treatments take you on a journey of re-discovery of your own innate wisdom. Ayurvedic wisdom teaches us the ‘art’ of living and our Ayurvedic creative-coaching sessions can sow the seeds that help you live more happily and healthily and with an open-heart.

During your retreat you will enjoy daily Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments, nourishing food, meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching in tranquil surroundings that encourages rest and renewal. We’ve created a place where you can feel health as an experience that is transformative and empowering -  giving you a glimpse of the vibrancy and clarity that is possible in your life.

Our retreat goes beyond detox and diet; it is a place for healing - the combination of loving touch, a supportive ear and the time and space to take a fresh look at your life.

"This is a special place with special people making all kinds of impossibles become possible"

Our Ayurvedic Retreats include:


Health from an Ayurvedic perspective is not merely lack of disease; it’s about learning how to live well - living harmoniously with the constant changes occurring around and within you and the ability to adapt to life’s challenges with confidence. As your body begins to thrive from a place of health you can experience improved mental clarity and with it, the opportunity to transform self-limiting emotional patterns of behaviour to those that support a full, joyful and vital life.

3-day retreat

1 x 4-hands Ayurvedic treatment

2 x 2-hands Ayurvedic treatment

1 x Ayurvedic consultation

1 x additional treatment session

1 x round up consultation


5-day retreat

2 x 4-hands Ayurvedic treatment

3 x 2-hands Ayurvedic treatment

1 x Ayurvedic consultation

3 x additional treatment session

1 x round up consultation




*Double room occupancy

Couples wishing to share the same room - the second person recieves a 10% discount from the published price.



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