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Sango Caps - Mineral Restore

100% pure Sango powder with Dolomite minerals in handy capsules. Controlled and labaratory tested. 

Positive Effects of the Sango Coral

Sango Coral is very rich in natural minerals, vital substances, and trace elements – especially calcium (more than 35 %). These support the production of bodily enzymes and the utilisation of vitamins. Amaiva Sango Caps contain 100 % pure Sango powder from Sango coral calculus and dolomite minerals. To preserve the sensitive maritime biosphere of the corals the powder is obtained from the coral sand that is alluvial on the coasts of the island. These sediments are thousands of years old and in contrast to Corals cultivated onshore, they are not contaminated by pollutants from acid rain.

...supports the natural blood clotting.
...supports metabolic processes.
...supports the function of muscles.
...supports the signal transmission in neural cells.
...supports the function of digestion enzymes. needed for the preservation of healthy bones.
...and is needed for the preservation of healthy teeth.

...supports the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion.
...supports the balance of electrolytes.
...supports metabolic processes.
...supports the function of the nervous system.
...supports the function of muscles.
...supports protein biosynthesis.
...supports cognitive functions.
...supports the preservation of healthy bones.
...supports the preservation of healthy teeth.
...has an important function in cell reproduction.


Contains: 60 capsules
Suggested use:  One capsule taken twice a day with water.
Ingredients: Sango Coral powder (39,8%), Dolomite (39,8%), HPMC (capsule covering), Triglycerides, Releasing agent: abraum salts from fatty acids.

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