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Why we are so excited about our Ayurvedic products! Ayurvedic products
We take great pride in the fact that our Ayurvedic products are made by dedicated people who believe passionately in producing only the finest quality Ayurvedic preparations. Their expertise is drawn from years of experience using the herbs and from knowledge passed through the generations. As practitioners ourselves, the quality of our medicines is our first priority and this value is shared by our suppliers who use these medicines in their own Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals.
We will never sacrifice quality for quantity

From our studies and experience in India we knew that the quality we were looking for could only be achieved by following the traditional preparation techniques outlined in the classical Ayurvedic texts. There are many processes involved in making Ayurvedic medicines. These methods are often complex and in some cases take days to complete but they ensure the proper preparation and efficacy of the herbal formula. This care taken in preparation combined with modern testing procedures provides the best of both worlds ensuring that our products are both safe and effective.

Which products are right for you?

Our online shop provides clear information about all our products so you can confidently decide which is right for you. You may also wish to browse through our Ayurveda section and related articles for further information.

If you have any further queries we are always happy to take your calls on 07955 072342 or email us at info@essentialayurveda.co.uk
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