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Ayurveda - The Mother of All Healing.
What is Ayurveda and is it right for me?
Ayurveda originates from India and is an ancient system of health care that has been practiced for over 2000 years. Its principles originate from the observation of nature and the universal laws that govern its cycles. Ayurveda shows you how your life is inseparable from nature as you are formed of and influenced by the same elemental forces. These elements are the same forces that characterise the seasons - bringing heat in the summer and rain in springtime. You know already how to adapt to these elements - wear a t-shirt on a hot day and carry an umbrella in spring to avoid getting caught by the weather.
What you may not realise is that these same elements are increasing in your body and mind and you need to adapt your diet and lifestyle too. For example eating cooling foods in summer and minimising heavy foods like dairy in spring, to keep healthy through these seasons. Health from an Ayurvedic perspective is not merely lack of disease; it is a consistent and positive sense of well-being, realised through living harmoniously with the changes constantly occuring around you and within you.

Whatever your age, lifestyle or state of health, Ayurveda can help you to understand who you are today and how you can achieve greater health, harmony and happiness for the future. The ultimate science of healing and self-care, Ayurveda helps you rediscover your own unique state of positive health so you can meet life's challenges with renewed vitality and confidence.
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