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About Essential Ayurveda Retreats
Our Ayurvedic retreats are conceived from our experiences and studies in India both as apprentices to Ayurvedic doctors and as recipients of this complete system of healing. Although convinced of the profound benefits of panchakarma we came to appreciate the impracticalities of recommending patients to undergo programmes in India. The effects of long haul travel, vaccinations and changes in food and water often caused complications that detracted from the overall benefit of the treatments.

This realisation prompted us to design a range of retreats that provide the opportunity to transform health with panchakarma with the enhanced benefits of receiving treatment within a familiar environment. We appreciate the importance of home comforts, a restful environment and realistic advice on applying Ayurvedic principles to modern lifestyles. Our retreats enable you to access the health secrets of a healing tradition centuries old as they apply to your own unique individual needs and goals.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment at Essential Ayurveda retreats is to provide you with a uniquely healing experience. We design our retreats to be an oasis of calm and renewal and the Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching equips you with tools for healthy living on your return home. Our retreats cater for a maximum of two clients at a time so you can be assured of our personal attention during your stay with us.

About us

Andrew and Laura Shakeshaft created Essential Ayurveda Retreats and will take you through your programme personally. They have studied in India working in Ayurvedic medical facilities and completed a 4-year degree in Ayurvedic medicine at Middlesex University. Andrew continued postgraduate studies earning a Masters Degree and researching the effectiveness of Ayurvedic herbal therapy and panchakarma treatments in the management of diabetes. Laura has over 10 years experience using eastern and western forms of bodywork for treatment and health enhancement. The combination of their knowledge of traditional Ayurveda and experience in applying Ayurveda to their own and their patients lives ensures a uniquely personal and life enhancing experience. They are assisted by panchakarma therapists who share their enthusiasm for Ayurveda and are dedicated to providing sensitive and excellent care.

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